Why Choose Us Over the Next Carpet Cleaner?

If you have had your carpet’s “professionally” cleaned in the past & you we’re left frustrated with the results then the reality is you didn’t have your carpets professionally cleaned…you had your carpets cleaned UNPROFESSIONALLY. Unfortunately for every experienced professional carpet cleaning company there are 50 wannabe carpet cleaning companies.

Or have you had Carpet Cleaning Companies tell you one price and adding to that price when they got there without telling you over the phone that the quote given was just that “A Quote”. We at CARPETECH will give you an “Estimate or Quote” over the phone but tell you the “Estimate or Quote” might go up or down once we get to your home and do a walk through. That’s just being honest and up front with you (The Customer).

The best way to avoid this is to tell us exactly what it is you want cleaned including areas such as carpeted bathrooms, walk-in closets, dining room living room combos, over-sized stairs and hallways etc….

All of these dishonest acts ruins many customers perception of carpet cleaners as a whole and many simply give up on hiring anyone and choose to use store bought cleaning equipment and products which leave them even more frustrated with the poor results and backbreaking work they have to put in. We at CARPETECH are not proclaiming to be the best as there are a lot of great Carpet Cleaning Companies out there but if you want a company that treats you like “FAMILY” then give us a call, you’ll be glad you did.